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Feb 05, 2024

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In this episode, I discuss creating product bundles

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Building an indie business in the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds. People on the internet call me Supreme Rum Ham. And this is the building an Indie business podcast recorded in the Indie Business studio. All right. So today I'm gonna be talking about product bundles. I'm gonna be talking about um a conversation that inspired them, how I'm doing them, why I'm doing them. Um Yeah, that's about it. So, um this goes back to affiliate marketing. So I was looking for some affiliates and I posted on Reddit and I was like, hey, um, if I charge $2 for a product and I give people like a dollar 50 for each sale that they get, is that worth it or something like something to that effect? Um And then someone said you can make a coloring book bundle and sell it for like 8 to $12 and make the commission 30 or 50%. This is how six per $6 per commission is still low ticket product, but you'll find a good amount of affiliates at this price. So most of my products are below $2 in pricing. So I figured II I looked at this and I figured bundling it up will help to get um a higher price for each of my products or not each of the products, but like just create a section of products that people will be able to use for affiliate marketing, right? Um So then I kind of was like, ok, how am I going to do this? I'm gonna bundle the products and for a lot of the products, I have the dog, I have Rottweiler and then I have Rottweiler puppy. So I just started taking all the dogs with the puppies, um, the holiday, um, holiday uh products. So Christmas and Halloween, I have dogs and puppies for each of those. Um, so I've created, uh, let me see, 123456789, 1011, 12 bundles issue is that all the bundles are like less than uh $5. So I have to figure out how to increase those prices, I guess. Um, maybe find another, like, um, like create another thing like, ok, so I have Golden Retriever puppy and I have Golden Retriever, maybe like golden retrievers on skateboards, um, and just add that to the bundle and then increase the price from $5 to $8 and then, you know, maybe that'll, um, increase the likelihood of someone becoming an affiliate. Ok. So that's why I'm doing it. How am I doing it? Shopify has this bundle app and it really sucks because all it does is it creates a product page out of your different products, right? So it goes OK, you want to create a bundle, create a bundle, what, what products you want? OK, dog retriever um and dog, whichever puppy I, I want those two and then it just creates a product page with those two products. There's no description, there's no images. Um So I have to take all of the golden retriever images and golden retriever puppy images and then put them on that product page again, which is so stupid. Um Yes, so that's how I'm doing it. Also, another thing is that this has a lot of seo benefits. So this is another page I'm creating. Um And this, this is a page with more than two dozen um images. So that's 25 pages in one product and the images I already have. So all I have to do is upload them again and then copy and paste the alt text. Um The only real thing I have to do here is write a new product description which you know, that takes me an hour. Um But I don't have to collect the images. I don't have to like size them up. Probably each bundle should take me two hours, which is half the time of the um thought a new product. So that'd be great. Um Yeah, there's just a lot of seo benefits. So like for golden retriever, um I'm doing Principal Golden Retriever coloring page. Um that doesn't have a lot of seo traffic, right? Or Google traffic. It's only 40 searches a month. But like for Siberian Husky, I can do Husky coloring pages which is 1900 searches a month. So that's great. And then I'm going to create a new collection page. I'm gonna create principal dog coloring pages. A lot of the keywords that I found or that I'm making for the

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