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Feb 26, 2024

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In this episode, I discuss Shopify Collabs, this is part 1 of the series on Shopify Collabs

Show Notes and Other Domains:

And in the business and the center of venture capital. I am Alex Edmonds. People on the internet call me Supreme Rum Ham. And this is the building in Indie Business podcast recorded in the Indie Business studio. All right. So today I want to talk about Shopify Collapse. So what Shopify Collapse is um is um a app that Shopify has that can help you uh find creators and build an affiliate program. So for a couple of weeks, I've been talking about doing an affiliate program, whether on the podcast or just to myself or to other people. Um And I know about Shopify Collapse. I didn't know that it was um like a way to build an affiliate program. Um So I started checking it out yesterday and I sent a couple invites to people. I haven't gotten any responses back because I sent them out like an hour ago, but I wanna go over it with you guys and uh you know, do a little live, uh check in and do some things live and complain about it because the search part of it sucks. So let's get into it. All right. So you download the app and then you have to find people to um you know, to, to use, to wanna collab with you, right? So you go to find creators. Um and I've sent two invites and now you search for people and they have filters and the filters suck. The filters really need to be better. I, I wanna find someone who's 18 to 25 who's a woman who's in dogs. That's, that's my ideal um affiliate uh for my affiliate program. And you can only search by platform Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, Twitter and youtube. Um You could do it by location. So I wanna do us because it just makes paperwork a little easier. Um All right. So us and then it gives you a bunch of options and then, yeah, so let's say I wanna find a Tik Toker who has um you know, just a Tik Toker who tiktoks about dogs. So I'm able to search for a creator. So I just typed in dog. Um And now I have a bunch of tiktokers who um have pictures of dogs and their profile picture, right? So, um it says 25 United States animals, pets travel. One issue I have with um the recruiting function is that it automatically set my um parameters like like it auto set my parameters to health and wellness because I said want a dog is a health and wellness um product. But, you know, maybe I want some sports people, maybe I want some car people. Um Yeah. Um so OK, let's see, Jessica Wang. She has a Tik Tok audience of 300 3 623,000. 623,000. Yes, that is. And she has a picture of, I don't know, this looks like a multi poo. So yep, it's a multi tau. How did I know? Um OK, so we're gonna check out her Instagram and it's loading her Instagram is just a bunch of pictures of her dog, right? So um now that I found the person that I want to um that I want to work with, we have to create like a little package for her. So she is a multi poo, right? So what um we do now is we go to programs and what the programs are, they two tabs, they are tiers and they are gifts and the tiers is what like the parameters that you set for the affiliates. So I have um one tier that's principal dog coloring pages, which is a me a tier that I have where you only get commission on um the principal dog coloring pages section of products or the collection of products. Um you get 40% on any sale and then you get 10% off on any other sale uh because I want to encourage people to sell those products specifically. So um this woman Jess has a multi poo. So um the other section of programs is creating gifts for um for the potential affiliates. So I create a gift of, of whatever dog they have. So um this person has a multi poo, so I'm going to send them a free um multi poo coloring page. Um like that, that product, I'm gonna send her that for free, right? Um So we're, now we're back to the recruiting tab. We see her profile uh female United States um 187 followers on Instagram 623 on 23,000 on um tiktok 267 on youtube. Ok.

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